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Urbanity is located on B.T. Road,Kolkata, one of...
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Welcome to Beeu Real Estate...

Real estate market in Kolkata has been undergoing a steady expansion for the last two decades. It is mains one of the most realistic and economical market in the country, as there news has been any serious attempt to inflate the market with excess supply. Most of the developers have turned their eyes to township development at the peripherals of the city.

Beeu group has remained steadfast in its mission to architect organized modern space in the city and has been consistently contributing more organized residential and commercial space at the heart of the city. It has been rendering the busy streets of Kolkata with modern, spacious residential space with all amenities, ushering in a sense of dynamic living and also providing the ample prospection of strategically located commercial space, suited to exploit maximum opportunities there cannot be a more gratifying moment than listening to customer’s satisfaction. It is an immense exhilaration which propels the company to strive, excel and keep adding endearing value to human life

Our Projects

B.T. Road Kolkata

27A, Eden Hospital Road Kolkata-

277 B.B. Ganguly Street, Kolkata-